Full Service Skip Tracing & Door Nock / Face-to-Face Collections

Charter has a state of the art skip tracing facility that uses the latest in internet technology to locate those customers who have decided they do not want to be located. This service is provided to the clients of Charter Adjustments as a free service when we are handling a matter for either collection and or repossession of our clients. Charter also offers this service to clients for a fee if they just want to skip tracing and want to use the service to enhance their own collection departments. Charter Adjustments also has a team of agents under contract to Charter that does nothing but face to face collections on behalf of our clients. These are not hard core intimidation tactics but are professional appearances that can be made at the residence or business of a customer. We have found that these services greatly enhance not only the ability to collect the debts of or clients but leave a lasting impression on behalf of the client that tells the customer that the client is not just a voice on the phone but that they are an entity with a face that can meet them anywhere to resolve issues.